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Top 5 Natural Ways to Treat Keloid Scars

Pressure to Scars with  

If not given the attention they require, keloid scars can affect mobility. The most popular treatment for scar removal includes surgery or injections that use steroids.

Relatively small keloids can be treated using some liquid nitrogen that is mostly referred to as cryotheraphy. Surgery as an option for the treatment of these scars can prove to be quite expensive not to mention that the side effects come in handy. However, you necessarily don’t have to use all the money in your bank accounts to have them treated. With the use of natural methods to treat such scars, costs are minimized to quite a large extent.

Scars are never a welcomed feature on the skin, at any one given time. This is why most people will try everything within their power, to see that the visibility of such scars is reduced by all means.

Some of the most popular scars include the Contracture scars, Hypertrophic scars, Acne scars and keloid scars among others. The keloid scars are with no doubt some of the most devastating. They are usually as result of excessively healing process that extends beyond the original injury.

Keloid Scars

One of the top 5 natural ways to treat keloid scars effectively and naturally is through the use of vitamin E oil. Most doctors will recommend the use of this oil over and over. This vitamin works by helping to soften the collagen fibres that create keloids. The oil should be used 2-3 times a day for the desired results.

Natural methods also see to it that, one is not caught up in the confusion that the products in the shelves tend to bring. In the current markets, arrays of products that claim to offer solutions to the keloid scars have been availed. What one needs to know that what these products claim to do is just but some other marketing hype, which is intended to lure you to buy the products. Rather than spending money on products that have no solutions to offer whatsoever, it makes more sense to settle for the natural methods for scar treatment.

Top 5 Natural Ways to Treat Keloid Scars

Vitamin E Oil, Cream and Supplements

According to the author of the book “The complete book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies” Vasant Lad, mixtures of mustard seed, Rose and jojoba oil can effectively help get rid of these scars, in a relatively short period. A mixture of lavender essential oil, coconut oil and calendula essential oil can help get rid of these scars.

Another natural way of scar reduction is through applying some kind of pressure to the scar. This is done through some form of mechanical compression. This kind of compression helps to control the growth of the existing scars as well as prevent the development of new ones. Notably, one can use natural products such as Gotu Kola and aloe Vera. The Gotu Kola is an aquatic plant that is used by the Chinese to treat a good number of ailments. It is availed in an ointment form that should be applied to the scars. Aloe Vera on the other hand is availed in lotions, gels and ointments. One can also use the gel like substance from the leaves of these plants for scar reduction.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies - Natural Mixtures

Popular Treatments for Keloid Scars

Aloe Vera Cream helps in Clearing the Lesions