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How Long Will It Take To Make A Scar Less Visible

Depending on Which Part of the Body the Scar Is Located

Scars are with no doubt some of the reasons why many people do not have a flawless skin. To get rid of these scars, people will opt for various scar removal methods that are currently available. Some include the popular use of scar cream, natural remedies as well as surgery. Each and every method used has its fair share of advantages as well as drawbacks. For example, the surgery method is more effective than the use of creams. However, the healing process will take much longer while the side effects may prove to be quite dangerous. If you are wondering how long it will take to make a scar less visible, don’t sweat it, you have all your ultimate answers right here.

Whether it’s a scar you got from shaving or one from a bug bite, the time it will take to get less visible will be dependent on quite a number of factors. The scars can be red, indented, firm or elevated. These are usually referred to as hypertrophic. The scars can remain red and itchy until the healing process is over. This healing process may take nine to eighteen months, depending on how one’s skin type, lifestyle, race and genetics among other factors. A healthy living may mean that one takes in foods that are healthy which promotes the formation of collagen. The faster the collagen forms, the lesser time it will take for the scar to disappear.

How Long Will It Take To Make A Scar Less Visible

9 to 18 Months Healing Process Depending on Scar Type

During the scar treatment methods such as incisions, the healing time will depend on tension that is used to create the lift. Exposing the scar to the sun will prolong the time it will take to fade away. The use of products with hydrogen peroxide will also slow down the healing process hence will prolong the time it takes for the scar to fade away. If you need to know what you can do to reduce the time the scar will take to get less visible, you can visit a dermatologist who will advise you on the best approaches to help shorten the period that it will take to make a scar less visible. Through the recommended foods and tips, you can be sure to have them disappear in a relatively shorter period.

How long the scar will take to get less visible will also depend on which part of the body it is located and whether one take tobacco or not. Oilier and darker skins will take longer to heal and they will hence stay red for extended periods of time. People with lighter skins will on the other hand, get scars from incisions and injuries fade quickly. Scars on the face will disappear faster than scars located on other parts of the body as they can take 2-3 months. Scars that are placed on parts with hair on both sides and those that are located at the backside of the ear will fade more quickly as opposed to those that are on the cheek, so healing time will basically depends on where the scar is located.

Limit Sun Exposure To Help Scar Healing Process